Month: June 2021

Palm oil

Palm Oil: The Ugly Truth

The truth is that most people have no clue what goes into the products that they use daily. The ugly truth is that if they knew, they would probably never want to use them again. In the beauty and skincare industry, one such pariah is Palm Oil. The devastation caused by this one ingredient to people, wildlife, and the planet, is so complicated and far-reaching that it deserves our immediate attention.

Why natural skincare is best

Why Natural Skincare is Best

The beauty and skincare industry has seen its fair share of trends over the years. While you may have been happy to see some of those trends go, others have been beneficial. ‘Clean beauty’ is one such trend. ‘Clean beauty’ refers to the fact that many consumers (as much as 50% of women according to a 2017 survey) preferentially seek out facial and skincare products that have all-natural or organic ingredients.

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