Returnable Product Packaging Service

Returnable Product Packaging Service


As part of Scenturie’s ongoing commitment to sustainable skincare packaging and reducing waste we are introducing a new incentive to complete our Sustainable Packaging Loop.

Introducing our:

Returnable Product Packaging Service

Our new service allows you to return your empty Scenturie glass jars and bottles to us where they will be sterilised and either refilled and reused, and/or repurposed.   

returnable product packaging service

Here is how you do it:

1) Firstly, make sure you are signed up to receive Scenturie Eco-points. Just scroll to the bottom of our homepage and you will see the box to subscribe to become a Scenturie member.

2) When you have finished with your Scenturie skincare glass jars and bottles clean them out and save them (please leave the Scenturie label on).

3) When you have at least 10 jars and/or bottles send them back to us at the following address: 

Scenturie Limited,
PO Box 38510,
Auckland 2145.

(Don’t forget to include your name and how many jars/ bottles you are returning)

4) Once we have received your glass jars and bottles, we will add 25 Eco-points for every glass jar or bottle to your account. This equates to $1 per jar/ bottle.

5) In addition to this, we will give you another 125 Eco-points (equivalent to $5) to contribute towards the cost of shipping the jars back to us. For example: send us 10 Scenturie jars and/or bottles and receive 250 Eco-points (10 x 25 Eco-points). Add to this the 125 Eco-points for shipping and gain a total of 375 Eco-points. Every 250 Eco-points earns a $10 discount off your next Scenturie purchase, which will automatically be available to redeem at checkout.   

*Please note: Shipping the empty jars back to us is at your own cost. Eco-points will be added to your account once we have received your jars.

**We are only able to accept Scenturie amber glass jars and bottles. Please leave the labels on.

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