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Scenturie is an award-winning New Zealand natural skincare brand committed to making quality natural skincare products that are good for your skin and good for the planet. Our philosophy is simple and based on respect: Respect for Ourselves, Respect for Others, Respect for Nature, and Respect for our Planet… the things that really matter.

All Scenturie products are hand-crafted in small batches in New Zealand using 100% pure, sustainable, plant-derived ingredients that are sourced from approved local suppliers. We avoid synthetic chemicals, and known irritants such as parabens, sulfates, glycols, silicones, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, and phthalates. Our natural skincare products are thoroughly researched and tested on ourselves, family, and friends (we never test on animals), so that the products we deliver to you are safe and effective.

We choose NOT to use synthetic fragrances because they are made primarily with petroleum by-products. We welcome you to experience instead the pure natural fragrance of unrefined plant oils and essential oils, the way nature intended them to smell.  

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What we are passionate about…


Scenturie was born out of a deep concern over the amount of harmful chemicals that are present in so many skincare products today. There is good quality research showing how many of the chemicals commonly used in skincare products and cosmetics are harmful to our health, to nature, and the planet. Despite this research, many skincare companies still use these harmful ingredients in their products.

Sharing knowledge and being transparent about the ingredients in our products is of utmost importance to us as we believe everybody deserves to feel informed and empowered to make the best choices for their bodies and the environment. We strongly encourage everyone to read skincare labels and understand what you are putting on your skin. We share up-to-date knowledge on all of the ingredients used in our skincare products and why we use them. We also share what ingredients we choose not to use in our skincare products and why. You can read more about this in our latest blog on “Why Natural Skincare is Best” here.

Why natural skincare is best
Cruelty Free


Scenturie products are 100% Vegan. This means we use NO animal products or animal by-products whatsoever in our products  i.e. no honey, no beeswax, no milk, no silk. 

Scenturie is a proud supporter of NZAVS, a wonderful non-profit organisation, whose aim is to end animal experimentation and the harmful use of animals for research, testing, and teaching in Aotearoa.

Although testing cosmetics on animals is now prohibited in New Zealand, cosmetics tested on animals can still be imported from overseas. You might be shocked to learn that some of the biggest and most well-known skincare and cosmetic brands currently pay for deadly animal testing in China, where cruel, archaic, and painful experiments on animals are required for cosmetics to be imported and sold there. 

Scenturie NEVER tests on animals, we LOVE animals. We will never sell our products to a country that requires animal testing. We encourage everyone to learn more about this and support brands that are cruelty-free.


The unsustainable production of palm oil continues to cause mass deforestation and devastation to human life, wildlife, the environment, and ultimately our planet. It is a complicated and far-reaching issue that deserves everyone’s immediate attention. 

Many believe, including us, that the best option to support the sustainable production of palm oil is to AVOID purchasing beauty products (or any products) containing palm oil, or non-RSPO certified palm oil derivatives, wherever possible until sustainable palm oil can be absolutely guaranteed. You can read more about this here in our blog: Palm Oil: The Ugly Truth.


We are passionate about taking great care of and preserving our amazing planet Earth and we encourage you to do the same. We are doing our best to minimise our plastic use and help rid our planet of plastic. We have recently moved to aluminium lids for our Nourishing Natural Day Cream, Ultra-Rich Natural Night Cream, and Espresso Facial Scrub. Apart from the pump and dropper mechanisms on some of our skincare products, all our packaging is plastic-free, re-usable, recyclable, and/or compostable, and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve. You can read more about sustainable living in our blog: Sustainable Living – What on EARTH does it all mean and why does it matter?

As part of Scenturie’s ongoing commitment to sustainable skincare packaging and reducing waste we have recently introduced our Returnable Product Packaging Service. You can read more about this HERE.

Good for your Skin,

Good for your Conscience, & Good for our Planet.

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