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When it comes to choosing skincare, opting to use vegan products is an easy switch to make and highly beneficial to boot. Additionally, if you’ve been contemplating cleaning up your beauty routine, vegan skincare is a great place to begin. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know:

Did you know that most scented candles you can currently buy are scented with potentially toxic synthetic chemicals? Yes that's right! Even the most popular, most expensive scented candles are likely to be fragranced with synthetic chemicals. What is so bad about synthetic fragrances you may say… well everything in our opinion! Read on to learn why you should avoid candles scented with synthetic fragrances, and why you should choose natural essential oil candles instead...

Could your favourite beauty products be harmful to your health? Parabens and sulfates are two common cosmetic components that top the list of toxic ingredients to avoid, for various reasons. Here is a little breakdown on two harmful ingredients that are still quite common in beauty products today.

Bakuchiol is an anti-ageing active that is making waves in the skincare world and showing very promising results in skin care science. Bakuchiol has been described by beauty publications as "retinol's gentle sister", a natural, less-irritating, and vegan alternative to retinol that works equally strong magic. Read how bakuchiol can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and help restore a healthy, youthful glow to your skin...

Let’s Face it… Although it may not be top of your list of priorities at present, paying attention to the health of your skin now will be worth it when you look in the mirror years from now. Skin that is well cared for, especially the skin on your face, helps you feel good about yourself as you age, and tells others a lot about you. Read on to find out how to determine your skin type, as well as the ideal skincare routine and products for your skin type...your skin will thank you for it!

Hyaluronic acids ability to restore moisture to the skin, improve skins texture and elasticity, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the protective barrier, and protect against environmental assault, makes it a very valuable addition to your skincare regime. Learn more about this exceptional skincare ingredient...

The truth is that most people have no clue what goes into the products that they use daily. The ugly truth is that if they knew, they would probably never want to use them again. In the beauty and skincare industry, one such pariah is Palm Oil. The devastation caused by this one ingredient to people, wildlife, and the planet, is so complicated and far-reaching that it deserves our immediate attention.

The beauty and skincare industry has seen its fair share of trends over the years. While you may have been happy to see some of those trends go, others have been beneficial. ‘Clean beauty’ is one such trend. ‘Clean beauty’ refers to the fact that many consumers (as much as 50% of women according to a 2017 survey) preferentially seek out facial and skincare products that have all-natural or organic ingredients.

Sustainable living is a term we hear lots of lately, but what does it really mean, how does it work, it is really that important, and what (if anything) should we be doing about it?

What is pH? The term “pH” refers to “potential of hydrogen” and concerns the activity of hydrogen ions (molecules that carry a

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