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Our Founder

Tania Cibulskis

Welcome to Scenturie. I have always had a deep love for nature and the outdoors, and a fierce passion for protecting our natural environment. This, along with a desire to only put safe, natural ingredients on my skin led to a lifelong dream of creating a range of sustainable, highly-effective, plant-based, skincare products. The products needed to deliver intense nourishment and lasting hydration to the skin, address the various skin concerns of different skin types and be accessible to everyone.

Of great importance to me was the packaging. With the beauty industry being a major contributor to the global plastic crisis, plastic packaging wasn’t an option. The packaging needed to be sustainable, recyclable, and reusable. Amber glass, made from virgin sand, was the solution. It is infinitely recyclable and is one of the most eco-friendly packaging options available.

Every product in the Scenturie Natural Skincare range contains a carefully balanced selection of pure, nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically proven to nourish and hydrate the skin. New Zealand native plant extracts feature in many of our products for their antioxidant and skin-regenerating properties. All products are made in small batches to maintain the freshness and integrity of the raw ingredients.

Scenturie Founder Tania Cibulskis

Sustainability is a key driver in everything we produce forming the basis behind all formulating, packaging, distribution, pricing, and purchasing decisions. It is vitally important to us that we know where our ingredients are from, and whether they are grown and harvested sustainably. We are able to trace every ingredient back to its origin to ensure that it is ethically sourced. Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We never test our products on animals – only on ourselves, and willing human volunteers.

I really love the products we have created and I use them every day on my own skin. I love it when I get feedback from happy customers telling me how much Scenturie products have helped them with their skin concerns, and the confidence clear, healthy, hydrated skin has given them.

My greatest hope is that you LOVE your Scenturie skincare products and that they enhance your natural beauty, restore your natural glow, and give you the confidence to let your natural skin shine through.

Thank you so much for joining us on our journey!

Tania x

Our founder, Tania Cibulskis, is a New Zealand registered health professional with a 24+ year career working in New Zealand and England. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc), a Bachelor of Health Science degree (BHSc Physiotherapy), Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science (PgDipHSc), and certificates in acupuncture and nutrition.

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