Natural vs Synthetic fragrances

Natural fragrances:  are derived from natural raw materials obtained from plants using steam distillation, expression and extraction techniques. They are known to most people as essential oils. Scenturie products are scented with essential oils only.

Synthetic fragrances: are man-made in a laboratory, often from petrochemicals, in an attempt to replicate the smell of favourite foods, flowers, fruits, etc. Synthetic fragrances are much cheaper to manufacture than essential oils, they have greater staying power, and there are endless possible scents that can be created, hence the reasons why many companies choose to use them over essential oils.

There is much controversy over synthetic fragrances as their potential health and environmental hazards become more evident.

Many studies have reported that synthetic fragrances have the potential to cause “possible mutagenic and genotoxic effects.” Synthetic fragrances have also been found to contain possible hormone disruptors which have been linked abnormal cell reproduction.

Many popular candle companies are converting to soy wax as opposed to paraffin (a petroleum by-product) as evidence grows around the potential health risks associated with petroleum-based products, however, they continue to use synthetic fragrances to scent their products.

As consumers become more informed about the negative effects of synthetic chemicals on our health and the environment there is a growing desire to seek out natural alternatives.

It is so important that consumers educate themselves and understand what is contained in the products that they use on their bodies so they can make informed decisions on what to purchase. Ultimately knowledge is the only control we have over our health.

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