How to Store your Soap

How to store your soap

All our soaps are hand crafted in small batches and each batch varies slightly from the last. Because we use only pure essential oils to scent our soaps the scent will be more subtle and natural than soaps containing synthetic “fragrance oils”.

You can use your newly purchased soap immediately. Unlike many commercial soaps, which can be stored for years due to the synthetic chemicals used, our natural soaps have a shorter shelf life but will stay nice and fresh for a few months and up to a year if cared for properly. If you are not using your soap immediately it is recommended that you store it in a cool dry place wrapped in its original packaging or a small cardboard box. If left unwrapped on a shelf the colours and scent will gradually fade over a few months to a year so please use and enjoy your soap, we will make more!

Avoid having your soap sitting in water, or in the direct stream of water from the shower, or it will become soft and dissolve away. Sit your soap on a well-draining soap dish to allow it to dry out between uses.

**Please note that some natural colourants can stain porous surfaces. Please ensure you place your soap on a soap dish to avoid this.


Essential oils are extremely concentrated and powerful and must always be used with knowledge and care. The concentrations used in our soaps are within the range specified by cosmetic legislation to be safe, however, essential oils can still be irritating to some people. We recommend a patch test be performed if you have a history of allergies or skin sensitivities and to discontinue use if a rash or irritation occurs. People with very sensitive skin, eczema, or known allergies to any ingredients should avoid using any soap or skin care products with fragrance, natural or synthetic.

Our soaps are intended for external use only. Please DO NOT EAT, they will not taste nearly as nice as they look or smell 😊

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