Candle Care & Safety Tips

It is important when you light a candle for the first time to let it burn right to the edge otherwise it will only ever melt to where you first burnt it often making a crater down the center of the candle.
Safety & care tips:

1)    Place your candle in a sheltered place free from drafts or wind to avoid flickering which can cause the candle to smoke & burn unevenly.

2)    Keep your candle away from flammable objects.

3)    Keep out of reach of children & pets at all times. 

4)    Never leave your candle unattended.

5)    Do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time to avoid excessive heating and the risk of the glass cracking.

6)    Do not let your candle burn to the bottom of the vessel as carbon deposits can form which may ignite. Always leave at least 2cm of wax in the        bottom of vessel to avoid cracking.

7)   Do not place or burn the candle on a heated surface (e.g. heater) as this will speed up the burn time and could cause the bottom of the candle         vessel to overheat and possibly explode. 

8)    Use a snuffer to extinguish candle, otherwise blow very gently.

9)    Trim candle wick to approximately 5mm before every burn. Clear any debris from candle before lighting. 

10)    When not in use store candle in a cool dry place away from sunlight with lid on.

11)   Never melt remaining candle wax in microwave as there is a metal wick holder at the base of the vessel. To remove remaining wax in vessel           place in freezer for 2-3 hours and it should slide out.

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